Caught Up In Love

I was chasing what I thought was a dream. Having made a billion dollars by twenty-nine, I decided to retire. Build a boat. Back where life started in my small town on the lake. My days of one-night stands are hopefully behind me. I’m ready to find the girl who has a big heart she’s willing to give away. And I found her, but she’s tainted by her past. Seems life has dealt her a few too many blows, and rich guys aren’t her thing. They aren’t mine either. Ha! Looks like we have something... [Read More...]

Awakening to a New Consciousness

In 2010, Sharona Poms awakened to “a new consciousness” that was a turning point for all that she had ever known: about herself, the physical body and the reality of her life. Through a very open and detailed description of the experiences of her journey — from her search for meaning to remembrance of who we are — the book presents the transition from the old world to the new world, and the journey of all of humanity as it awakens to the next level. $2.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]