A Mother’s Love: The Complete Series

*** Amazon #1 Best Selling Author *** Callie never worried much. Then her daughter vanished without a trace. Even when her husband passed, 53-year-old Callie poured her energy into staying strong to support her daughter Jane. But after Jane mysteriously disappears on the cusp of her 30th birthday, Callie’s world is turned upside-down. She knows that Jane would never skip town… and when she receives a suspicious-sounding voicemail, it feels like her worst fears are confirmed. Teaming up with... [Read More...]

Secrets of a Summer Place

Jennifer Moss is having a really bad day…. But it’s about to get even worse… Her teenage son’s grades have plummeted. Her husband is distant and cold, and now she’s received a letter from the child she gave up for adoption twenty-five years ago. But a knock on the door, spins her world out of control. Losing everything, she packs up and returns to Mustang Island where the secrets from her past slowly unravel. And the boy she left behind so many years ago helps her see that this new be... [Read More...]

She refused to be The Other Woman

Every wise woman should read this book, and every mother should give it to her daughter. Nurse Erin Thibaut was dedicated to her profession and did not consider a relationship when she met and then fell in love with her pursuer Dr. James Brennan. This story will open your eyes to the deception and lies some people exert to manipulate another. Erin is innocently led into a web of falsehood with seduction that almost destroys her sanity. She discovers the doctor who enticed her with a romantic de... [Read More...]

Summer Shores

Trinity Waters hates the ocean. But when she’s called out of the blue to help her younger sister, the 41-year-old artist exchanges her eclectic Coyote Moon Commune in the Nevada desert for the sunny shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida. But when she arrives, she finds her sister missing. Falling in with the tall and charismatic single father Evan Bradley and his eight-year-old autistic son, Trinity begins to dig deeper into her sister’s disappearance – and she unearths a secretive story that’... [Read More...]

Afro-Bougie Blues: A Collection of Short Fiction

Facing Problems That Money Can’t Solve! – Afro-Bougie Blues is a collection of twelve original, engaging, and occasionally edgy short stories that dig into the souls of ordinary black women and men meeting life’s challenges with courage and care. A newlywed considers her past abortion after having a miscarriage. An Army veteran subdues his war memories with alcohol. A woman who loses weight watches her marriage crumble around her. A single father reflects on his pre-teen daughter... [Read More...]

Dandelion Wishes (Under My Skin)

No one ever said love would be easy…He’s not supposed to date, but she’s impossible for him to resist. Fresh out of rehab with a new future, Mason focuses on building a successful career as a tattoo artist while staying far away from drugs. He keeps his head down, attends his meetings, and apprentices under one of the best tattoo artists in the nation. Life is good. Sophie has never felt like she’s enough. She can’t imagine why the sexy guy from the tattoo shop nex... [Read More...]

The Beach Haven

She inherited the house of her dreams – but there’s a massive catch. Serenity Miller always dreamed of owning her uncle’s beach house. Her childhood was filled with fun memories spent staying there – and when she discovers the house left to her in his will, she’s overjoyed. There’s only one big problem: she has to share it with her old arch-nemesis. Serenity can’t stand Ian. Still nursing old wounds from their youth, she can’t believe that she’s stuck with this washed-up music... [Read More...]