A Boss’s Proposal

No one expects happily ever after to begin with a fake proposal. Least of all Zeke. Billionaire Zeke would do anything for his beloved grandmother, including faking a romance just to make the holidays perfect for her. Not that he’s interested in romance. He has no time for that. He’s too busy with his investments company and besides, his heart is incapable of love – his first love left him a broken man. Isla Gordon has a short term plan. Work for the summer while healing a broken heart. H... [Read More...]

Accidentally Married: An Accidental Marriage Romance

“The ring signified a wedding; I didn’t even know I had.” Marriage was on my mind, and it was only one night away. One final bash, before I was no longer free. The night was made better by a beautiful woman that took an interest in me. Anna. We drank and danced, had a great night. I thought that was it. Then I woke up in her bed. The morning of my wedding and there was now something on my finger. A ring. A wedding ring and Anna next to me. What the hell happened? Maybe a mistake was good.... [Read More...]

Mothballs and Coconut

Set in 1990’s London, three fearless young women, Laila, Salma, and Aliya strive to be masters of their destiny by navigating their way through parental expectations and matters of the heart. Mothballs and Coconut is a story of love, friendship and betrayal across two generations. Relationships are at the heart of this loving novel. A beautifully captured insight into the lives of complicated women shown in an atmospheric and culturally rich narrative voice. ... [Read More...]

Free: On the Run

Kyle knew she wanted to play guitar as soon as she wrapped her hand around one. She’s still in high school when she joins an all-girl rock band and, when they get their record deal, she meets CJ Slavin and falls head over heels. But she’s too young for CJ. Much too young. But she’s not too young to become a rock star. Or go on tour. And let CJ see all he’s missing. ... [Read More...]

Forbidden Daddy

First thing’s first. This is a zero judgment zone. So when I tell you I hired a total babe as my boy’s nanny… You won’t criticize my decision-making skills. There is one other thing… Said babe is my best friend’s little sis – and I don’t know how the h*ll I’ll be able to keep my hands off her. It’s been years since I last saw her. And, boy is she all grown up. Breathtaking eyes that can see right through me… And luscious curves for days. I can’t help but think about ... [Read More...]