Free: Devour Me

Mila Lawson wanted two weeks with her best friend’s father, Roman Gregory. He wants forever with the twenty-two-year-old blonde bombshell. He can’t have her and shouldn’t even want her, but after four years of dreaming about her, the ATF agent finds himself agreeing to her proposition anyway. To convince her to give them a real chance, he’ll break all of her rules…and a few of his own. ... [Read More...]

Free: Lovers in Training

When Shannon Rocklyn was a teen she vowed she would never allow a man to hurt her the way her father hurt her mom. Now she is the kind of woman who never gives away her heart. Except Tate Kruger is the kind of man who refuses to let something good slip through his fingers. So when Shannon’s new private fitness training client in the sprawling mansion turns out to be Tate, sparks fly—and loving her job takes on a whole new meaning. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Beyond McCarron’s Corner

Sassy and Owen Winslow were historical experts on the Revolutionary War and the Culpers. After her husband dies unexpectedly, Sassy struggles to find new meaning in her life. When she goes exploring in the Cohutta Wilderness, she falls through a hole in time, and finds herself in Indian Territory, 1778, falling in love with Big Sexy Will Selk. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Well Hung: A Secret Baby Romance

Xavier turns up back in my life, at work of all places I find myself in his arms Now, I’m carrying his child but can’t tell him Because no matter what I say it will ruin us We were college sweethearts But even my billions weren’t enough Imagine my surprise when Chloe turns up Problem is I’m supposed to marry my dad’s business partner’s daughter. ... [Read More...]

Seal Cove

She rescues animals. Not people. But she couldn’t just leave him… After becoming a widow, Elle Ashburn returns to her hometown of Rocky Shores, Oregon, and tries to put her life back together. Elle isn’t a big fan of people. Especially men. She prefers to spend time with the animals she rescues, help out at her family’s bakery, and explore the beach at Seal Cove, her secret sanctuary. But one day she discovers a handsome stranger stranded on her beach. A man who needs hel... [Read More...]


Dane What does the expression, “having it all” mean? For me, does this mean having a career as a successful author? With more money than I need, best friends… a nice house? I’ve been publicly linked to a phrase that might as well be mythical in nature. No one person walking this earth “has it all.” I have a privileged life, yes, but is it anywhere near fulfillment? Not even close…until I met her. Skylar I won’t deny that I view the world through rose-tinted glasses. Maybe it’s ... [Read More...]

Between The Sheets

Love is not a luxury a man like me can afford. I save lives for a living, and there’s no room for distractions. Until she is assigned to be my resident. The girl is everything I want and exactly what I can’t have. The hospital won’t allow it, and she’s far too young for me. But I need her more than I need my next breath. And luckily enough, she feels the same. In exchange for paying off some of her medical debts, she makes me an offer I can’t refuse: Herself. It could cost me my caree... [Read More...]

Free: A Christmas in Montana (Embers on Ice, Book 1)

Orion loves her snowy Montana hometown, especially at Christmas. But this year, something is missing. Matt has lived a life of service to others and his country…never for himself. Can the spirit of the season bring them together? Or will the wounds of the past keep them apart? Filled with holiday humor, sweet romance, and a little suspense! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Hearts Will Tell

Sheila has a ranch to run since her husband’s death. She finds the ideal ranch foreman when she meets Patrick. Even though she thinks he is one of the best looking men she has ever met, they have a good working relationship. Then the unthinkable, Sheila finds out her husband’s death wasn’t an accident but cold-blooded murder. Can Sheila and Patrick find the killer before he kills again? ... [Read More...]