Free: Gritty Friendships: Bringing Purpose and Value to Male Relationships

Gritty Friendships: Bringing Purpose and Value to Male Relationships
Fed up with surface-level friendships that make you feel disconnected from the full human experience? Then it’s time to get gritty!

Life is busy, and as a man, you’ve been conditioned to keep yourself guarded, standing strong and keeping your thoughts and feelings inside you.

Theres greatness in that strength, but do you ever feel like you’re missing out?

You have no shortage of male friendships, but some of them feel like they rarely go beyond the surface, and there are too many old friends who have drifted away over the years.

Perhaps you watch your wife with her friends and marvel at how deep their conversations go You feel the same way as they do sometimes, but no ones ever asked you about it.

Male loneliness is an often overlooked issue in todays society. Research has found that men report having fewer close friends than their counterparts 30 years ago.

Between career pressures, family life, and the societal expectations that have made it hard for them to open up, many men are struggling and if you feel like you’re part of that group, you’re definitely not alone.

As humans, were wired for connection men and women alike and this idea that men are somehow removed from that does nothing to ensure you get what you need.

So what can you do? How can you reach out and secure the bonds that are important to you?

There are a few key issues you’ll need to look at to feel comfortable making the deep and meaningful connections you long for and this unique guide to unearthing the gritty male friendships you already have in front of you will steer you through them all.
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