Free: Just In Case Solutions: Essential Planner to Organize and Record All Your Important Life Details!

Just In Case Solutions: Essential Planner to Organize and Record All Your Important Life Details!

Ask Yourself: Is your loved one (or responsible person) prepared to handle your entire life should you be in an unexpected accident, or suddenly stricken with an illness and unable to speak for yourself, or when your death inevitably comes?

Just In Case Solutions is a comprehensive workbook that provides individuals or couples an easy way to organize, record, and deliver all their essential life details to their loved ones (or responsible person) in a consolidated manner. In the just-in-case scenario of an accident, illness, or death, an inventory of all vital information will be readily available.

This essential planner adds value and partners well with the retirement, caregiving, estate, and funeral planning process by consolidating all the details outside of the professional planning process.

An all-inclusive and well-organized resource that contains all your important information.

When overwhelming life situations are difficult to handle, having completed Just In Case Solutions will help bring life-changing assistance to those who care about you, alleviating any pondering thoughts of confusion or uncertainty.

A roadmap to prepare someone to become an expert of your life.


Dividing up this process makes it less intimidating, more manageable, and easier to accomplish!

Step 1 Personal Details and Technology
Step 2 Family, Friends, and Pets
Step 3 Health, Medical, and Health Insurance
Step 4 Employment, Business Owner, and Military
Step 5 Legal Documents and Professionals
Step 6 Financial and Insurance
Step 7 Residence, Bills, and Loans
Step 8 Vehicles and Transportation
Step 9 Religion, Activities, Volunteer, Clubs, Subscriptions, and Memberships
Step 10 Just In Case of Death

RESPONSIBILITY CHECKLIST: Guidance to ease the administrative burden for loved ones by simplifying tasks and next steps. The checklist will help guide loved ones with how to use the 10 easy steps when life gets overwhelming, making it easier for the ones loved most.


Inventory Lists for Personal Possessions
Prescription Drug Chart
Over-the-Counter Medication/Supplements Chart
Username and Password List with Security Questions

FUN MEMORIES: Space at the end of each step to share a fun memory, advice, or loving thought with your loved ones. 10 Steps 10 Fun Memories 10 Smiles that you will be able to deliver when you are unable to do so!


We all wish for our loved ones to encounter less hardship during challenging times. We want to prepare our responsible person with the necessary reference guide to help alleviate confusion and avoid massive struggles during those difficult moments. This workbook offers an organized solution to share your secure information, essential details, and other crucial aspects of your life. Provide your loved ones or a designated personal representative with a consolidated inventory of all your imperative informat Free on Kindle.
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