Pregnancy, Childbirth and Your Newborn Simplified

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Your Newborn Simplified
Pregnancy, Childbirth & Your Newbon Simplified is the most reliable CONFIDENCE BOOSTER and BEST FRIEND you will need for your UNIQUE pregnancy experience!

Here are a few benefits of choosing this book over other books out there in the marketplace:

-A concise yet comprehensive guide to pregnancy, providing reliable information in a clear and practical format about fetal milestones for each week of pregnancy, and anticipatory guidance for the expectant mom.
-Provides pre-pregnancy planning tips to get the body and mind prepared and ready to nourish a fertilized egg into a newborn.
-Facilitates a deep dive into TACOS, an acronym for what to avoid during pregnancy, and provides guidelines on what not to eat during pregnancy and the reasons behind these recommendations.
-Provides a nutritional guide for each stage of pregnancy with explanations provided regarding the rationale for these nutritional recommendations.
-Gives a factual analysis of common pregnancy myths, with scientific explanations confirming or de-bunking the myths.
-Explores common pregnancy discomforts and provides recommendations on how to ameliorate these problems.
-Offers recommendations for managing important mental health concerns associated with pregnancy.
-Dedicates a section to preparing any older siblings for the arrival of the new baby.
-Provides information for preparing for labor and delivery including specifics on what to pack for the hospital, options for managing labor contractions and pain, and the birthing positions and process.
-Provides the most current evidence-based and peer-reviewed recommendations for the early identification of post-partum depression and the available resources for getting immediate help.

And the book includes a BONUS CHAPTER of easy-to-cook, healthy, and absolutely delicious recipes for each trimester of pregnancy.
and so much more!

You and your baby definitely deserve the best companion guide.  $0.99 on Kindle.
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