Women’s Fiction: Love, Marriage, Family, and the Choices We Make

Women’s fiction tends to focus on the conflicts women experience when balancing their personal and professional lives, and Lisa Slabach is someone who can wholeheartedly understand these struggles. As an author, mother, and a leading sales manager for a Fortune 500 company, Slabach is familiar with the internal troubles that most women can identify with. In her heartwarming and riveting novels, Slabach expertly captures these feelings and weaves powerful stories about unforgettable women who overcome challenges to become the best versions of themselves.

Degrees of Love

Degrees of Love is Slabach’s debut novel, which features a highly successful businesswoman, wife, and mother who lives in Silicon Valley with her picture-perfect family. Susan Sinclair is a confident and style-savvy woman who has been recently promoted to Senior Vice President at her company, and everyone believes she has it all: a high-paying job, a loving husband, and two adorable boys. However, it’s soon revealed that not everything is perfect in Susan’s life.

Following her professional promotion, Susan’s husband, Matt, has become even more distant. Whenever Susan tries to address the problem, Matt just ignores her or shrugs off her concerns. Susan desperately wants her children to grow up in a loving two-parent household, so she plays along as best as she can. But then she meets her new boss, Reese Kirkpatrick.

Reese and Susan immediately hit it off, and quickly became friends… and then more than friends. With her marriage on the rocks and her professional career in jeopardy, Susan has to decide once and for all what’s best for her future.

Ten Thousand I Love Yous

Slabach’s second novel, Ten Thousand I Love Yous, will be released on February 1, 2022. In this highly-anticipated novel, a middle-aged woman named Kimberly Kirby is forced to rebuild and re-evaluate her life after nearly 2 decades of marriage to her high school sweetheart.

Kimberly and Jay have been together for so long that Kimberly can’t imagine being with anyone else. When their beautiful daughter graduates high school and moves away for college, Jay blindsides Kimberly with a request for divorce. Heartbroken, confused, and hurt, Kimberly begins a new freelance writing job for a sex and dating blog and moves to San Fransisco.

As soon as Kimberly starts to fall in love with a new man, Jay unexpectedly shows up and tries to win her back again. She feels torn between the unfamiliar excitement of a new love and the old comfort of her long-time lover. Now that Kimberly knows that she doesn’t need Jay to feel happy and fulfilled, it’s anyone’s guess what she’ll decide to do next.