Adorable New Children’s Book for Dog Lovers

What’s cuter than puppies? Two puppies, lovingly illustrated in a beautiful children’s book about kindness, generosity, and dog food! Author Saado Cavalier’s enchanting and creative story is sure to appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

Simba Dreams of Kibbles

This storybook is about two King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppies named Simba and Bella. Together, they live in the Winston House apartments of Foggy Bottom with their owners, Alejandro and Saado. The story begins on a lovely Sunday morning as Alejandro and Saado are preparing to go out for a fancy brunch at Fogo de Ciao.

When Simba hears that his “parents” are going out to this restaurant, he excitedly tells Bella that this is the place that offers unlimited kibbles. Unfortunately, Simba and Bella fall fast asleep before Alejandro and Saado quietly leave the apartment to get to their reservation on time.

When the puppies wake up to find that they’re alone and hungry in the apartment, the real adventure begins! Join these feisty Spaniels as they explore the streets of Foggy Bottom, and experience magic, ghosts, and Santa Claus on their quest to find the best kibbles.

While this book is geared towards young children, it’s suitable for anyone between the ages of 5 and 12. Younger kids will love listening to their parents tell this story over and over again, while older children can improve their independent reading skills with the more complex passages.

The Mighty Hearts Project

Lastly, the best part about this wonderful book is that it helps support a charitable cause. The Mighty Hearts Project is a non-profit organization that helps families find treatment for their furry friends that have Canine Mitral Valve Disease. The organization connects families with the resources they need to afford surgery to repair their dogs’ hearts and help them live long, happy lives.

Pick up a copy of Simba Dreams of Kibbles today to delight the children in your life and support a hard-working charity that provides life-changing care for dogs!