What Never Was, Can Never Be: Poetry

The desire to share one’s own story and personal journey through life is something that most people can relate to. Describing the lessons you’ve learned, accomplishments you’ve achieved, and telling funny anecdotes about your childhood can help encourage and uplift others who come across your story.

Autobiographies are nothing new, but author and poet Ronnell Beaty tells the story of his own life in a way that feels like you are glimpsing through a window at moments in his life. Rather than sharing his memories of childhood and early adulthood through a standard chapter book, Beaty brings his personal history to life through a collection of poems he has written. His newly-released poetry book, It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be, readers will be immersed in descriptive, engaging poems unlike anything they’ve read before.

Ronnell Beaty was born in 1988, and his poetry book aims to describe key lessons, events, and emotions he has experienced so far throughout his life. Beginning in early childhood, Beaty’s poetry collection recalls relatable feelings in striking detail, from the comfortable pleasure of a homemade meal to the loneliness that arises when one feels like they don’t fit in with the world around them. The poems move on to describe the challenges that Beaty faced in his teenage years, the achievements he made in early adulthood, and the unique situations he faced in his journey to becoming an author.

This hybrid autobiographical account/poetry collection was carefully crafted by Beaty to inspire others to take joy in life, see the positive and echelon their dreams to come true. We love this book because it has  power in its authenticity, and it challenges and encourages readers to be kind, act ethically, and remain true to themselves.

And lastly, we leave you with the author’s final message for readers… “Thank you kindly.. And nothing but peace.”


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