Accidental Knight: A Marriage Mistake Romance

Accidentally wed to a screaming hot stranger. I inherited a freaking husband. Grandpa’s will was a shocker: huge fortune, gorgeous ranch, and the best horse ever. The fine print? Marrying Mr. Grump-alicious. The man who’s supposed to protect me from…what, exactly? That’s what I hope to find out if Drake Larkin ever talks. I know what I’m in for the first time his glance tears me open. A broody enigma who’s large and in charge. A mute who curls my toes when he... [Read More...]

Free: Origins (Century City series Book 1)

A terrorist nation. A secret cabal. High seas piracy. The world is in flames. These are the stories of the heroes putting out the fire. The pirate hunters of the B.A.M.F. sail the straits of the South Pacific. They’re all that stands between innocent mariners and the lawlessness that has taken root as nations descend into civil war. They have a track record of victory, but when seagoing slavers put a hundred men, women, and children under the gun, victory doesn’t look like a sure th... [Read More...]

Main Squeeze: A Single Mom Love Story

Leave the family fortune for love? Heh. Not a chance. Besides, romance is a luxury a man like me can’t afford. I come from wealth and lots of it. And wealth comes with responsibility. Not freedom. People like to get that shit mixed up. But I gotta get away for a while. A small coastal town in the Northeast is perfect, until it isn’t. The pretty single mom I meet there is everything I want in my life, but she’s not going to be accepted by my family. And she’s damaged goods. Her words. No... [Read More...]

Bart’s Inferno

Bartholomew hates to admit it, but he misses Samantha. A lot. Without her around, the ex-demon can’t even bring himself to enjoy a sinner’s paradise like Spring Break. The angel-in-training hasn’t been seen or heard from since Gabriel assigned her to infiltrate a group led by Mastema, a former angel who once convinced Bartholomew to join Lucifer in his rebellion against Heaven. Mastema even won over Samantha, persuading her to steal the blueprint to Hell, which features secret rooms and p... [Read More...]

The Bull Option: A Wall Street Novel

He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. When Kannada Khan, an investment banker turned homeless man, saves the life of Robert Prosperi, a struggling hedgie, he is repaid with a unique yet risky job offer that could change his fortune forever. With plans for a theft on Wall Street, Robert aims to undermine his rival, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, and Kannada seeks to return to a life of normalcy. They recruit a motley crew from Main Street–a bartender, a stockbroker, an a... [Read More...]

Billionaire Unchallenged – Carter: A Billionaire’s Obsession Novel (The Billionaire’s Obsession Book 13)

What happens when you’re instantly drawn and inexplicably attracted to a man you haven’t really met? Me? Well, I left a party like my butt was on fire when it happened to me. Arrogant, wealthy and physically perfect men were nothing but trouble, even if I was mesmerized by a man with all of those attributes. Unfortunately, we met again–in person this time– when I literally collided with Carter Lawson in the flesh several days later and discovered he was a man I just coul... [Read More...]

Undone by the Earl

Former hellion Adrian Sinclair’s hard-won discipline is shaken when he finds himself sharing a home with the beautiful but completely unsuitable Miss Anna Colbrook. For Anna, having the new earl invade her home is unsettling enough. Even worse, the former rogue has transformed into an honorable and dangerously attractive man who threatens to uncover her secrets—and break her heart. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]