Mountain Man Crush

The one guy I always wanted is finally back in my grasp. My older brother’s best friend. The hottest guy from my youth. The one that kept me awake at night. And still does. I wanted him to notice me so badly, but he never did. And now I’m grown and have kick-ass curves. A trip up the mountains brings me face to face with him again. Nothing has changed except me. And my increased desire for this rugged, heartbroken man. He’s been my crush all my life, but we’re about to be far more. This... [Read More...]

Forensic Foraging: Unlocking the The Unseen With Photographs

Forensic Foraging presents an exciting new approach to digital photography. Using time tested techniques developed by the pioneers of color photography, this book helps you to produce compelling images from the mundane around you. Follow two veteran photographers on their nomadic trek across America in search of vivid images, incisive poetry, and funky short stories. A volume full of artistic treats! ... [Read More...]

Free: The Dashing Widow

When Abigail Merriweather set out to scandalize the Ton, annoying the stuffy Earl of Gloucester was just an unexpected bonus. The man everything that Abby hates about the Ton – except those rare moments when he laughs, and Abby’s heart starts to beat in a most uncomfortable rhythm. George, Earl of Gloucester, is horrified at the actions of his sister’s best friend. She’s impulsive, headstrong and willful; in short, everything he dislikes in a woman. The more he is forced... [Read More...]

Free: Hot Agua

After a devastating broken heart, Texan-turned-New Yorker Sarita Salt returns to her roots to heal and reconnect with childhood friends. An innocent blind date with a Mexican billionaire opens the possibility of love like she’s never known. Or death. She’s not sure which with the hail of bullets coming from all sides. People are trying to kill her. And she has to figure out why—fast—if she wants to stay alive. Thought-provoking, funny, sexy, scary, sprinkled with salt and liberally dous... [Read More...]

Everything I Am

One day, one night, one decision… For Major Devon Travers, everything comes down to Rebecca Fairfield, an outspoken Reb tomboy he hired to work in the stables. A young beauty with mysterious, sometimes mystical ways, Rebecca captures Devon’s heart and soul, but she can’t…won’t trust him with her secrets, and he can’t confess to what his conscience forbids—not until one night and a vengeful twist of fate forces him to choose between his rational mind and passionate heart. Where... [Read More...]

The Sword of Cullen

“The Sword of Cullen” is a hard-hitting adventure set on an alien world with a double sun. A young hero named Cullen Redgust is forced to battle to the death in the arena on a day known as the Festival of Sacrifices. His opponents, however, are much more skilled with a sword. Even worse, most aren’t human. Warning…the action is fast, bloody, and intense! ... [Read More...]

Free: The Hydro Gene

In this contemporary fantasy, David discovers that aliens are just the beginning of what awaits him out in the universe. Together with the new acolytes of love, war, truth, and more, he charges into battles straight out of myth. As David fights the Hydra, traverses the river Styx, and encounters the snake with no end, he gradually realizes that their godly mentors are hiding some secrets of their own. ... [Read More...]

The Master of Achievement

The Master of Achievement is a course in how to take massive action and get real results. It is about turning confusion into clarity and reverting passive thinking into creative ideas that add incredible value to your life. One of the biggest failures people make is they settle for what is out there. We grab the first thing available instead of going after what we really want. We master jobs we grow to hate and create habits that have no value. Over time we end up mastering the wrong skills and... [Read More...]