Rescuing Her

VICTOR I don’t even think twice about rescuing a young woman from a vicious attack at the side of the road at night; what else is a man to do? As a Krav Maga trainer, I think she needs a couple of lessons on self-defense, and I can sense a fire in her that tells me she can find her inner strength when she needs to. I never expected to fall for her. But how am I to know if she’s just using me? It’s pretty clear she’s getting over a bad relationship. Am I truly the love of her life, or ju... [Read More...]

No Going Back

In today’s world where celebrities and social media are everything, can a reclusive novelist stay anonymous? Brian is a fairly successful novelist. He could be famous if he wanted, but he’s always avoided fame or recognition of any kind. In fact, he’s spent his whole writing career hiding behind a pen name and only six people know he’s the author of his books. However, a single photo comes about and threatens to disrupt all that. As things start going awry and his precio... [Read More...]

The Black Jewel

Presented through a queer lens, “The Black Jewel” follows Diamond Amadeus, a double minority who struggles to find his footing in college. His life is flipped upside down when he encounters a stranger named Vassago who takes him on a metaphysical journey to the enchanted world of Ardis. Diamond and Vassago must fight side by side to uncover family secrets and to prevent the destruction of Ardis along with Earth $9.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Love, Schemes and Murder Scenes

Love is to be showed not told. However, what do you do in a world where love does not exist? Doeboy has to figure this out and much more after serving 3 years in prison. While back on the streets curb serving, his buddy tells him of a business plan to turn his trap money into legitimate money. Meanwhile sparks fly between Doe and Sharee. However this doesn’t sit well with Reese, her baby daddy. In order for Doeboy to finance his business venture he has to work side by side with Reese distribu... [Read More...]

The Julia Street Series

The Julia Street Series brings this small place to life in a big way. Perhaps you were lucky enough to grow up in such a place, where neighbors supported each other, where children roamed freely and there was a sense of community. You will find everyday trials and tribulations common to many and a vivid portrayal of a time long ago. There is a lot of truth within the people depicted. The Julia Street Series details the African American experience in the 20th Century. $0.99 each on Kindle. Learn... [Read More...]

Christmas with an Alaskan Man

She is the woman of his dreams, but she has a secret that could tear them apart. Jazmine Campbell is a therapist, but that doesnt mean she never struggles with sharing her feelings. In fact, theres one thing she never told anyone since admitting it out loud is too painful. Years ago, her doctor told her she cant have children, and although it rips her up inside, she lets everyone think she doesnt have a husband and children because shes too focused on her career. Clay Drover may look like a mou... [Read More...]