Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti

Patrick and Susan have enjoyed a relatively peaceful life on the colony of Tau Ceti 2, twelve light years from Earth. However, everything changes when the starship Asimov arrives.

Asimov is unlike any other ship that has graced the Tau Ceti colony in the past, and when it announces a new project a groundbreaking device called a “Link,” designed to facilitate faster-than-light communication between the colony and Earth, eliminating the isolating twelve-year message delaySusan volunteers to assist.

Susan discovers that the library ship, designed to house all of Earth’s knowledge, was programmed to keep much of its knowledge from the colonists information that could help grow the colony.

Forbidden knowledge and hidden truths become a problem. The forbidden knowledge, once revealed, is the key to growing the colony, but the hidden truths threaten that growth.

Many among the colonists are suspicious of Earths intentions. More immediately, is the other colony settlement the Ellis Research Station two hundred miles from Grissom supporting Earths plans?

Can they uncover Earth’s endgame amid Asimov’s vast archives, or will they become pawns in a battle that forever alters the colony’s future? $0.99 on Kindle.
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