Tattoo My Heart

Tattoo My Heart
Sexy tattoo artist and reality star Lucas Abbott grew up in the foster care system, endlessly moving from home to home. He grew up without love and has convinced himself he doesn’t need it. He’s built the life he needs – he has his shop, his show, and his friends. He doesn’t need his biological family; he doesn’t need anyone else.

And then he meets Dr. Ashland Carrington. She knows nothing about his television show, fame, or complicated family dynamics, and she changes everything. He’s unprepared for her effect on him and is immediately drawn to the beautiful doctor.

Thrown together by a sudden act of violence, the two learn more about each other, and their bond deepens. Can she convince him he can trust her and her feelings for him? When someone in their lives doesn’t want them together and starts making that known in scary and violent ways, will they figure out who it is before it’s too late? Then Ash faces a career-defining offer. Will their love be enough to overcome the obstacles? Or will this be the ultimate thing that tears them apart?

About The VANISHED Series

Welcome to Vanished Tattoos, where the artists are as sexy and colorful as the ink they design.

Lucas Abbott grew up in the foster care system, endlessly moving from home to home and non family to non family. The only constants in his life were his sometimes explosive anger, artistic talent, and best friend, fellow foster kid, Jax. Despite the odds, Lucas manages to earn himself a spot, and win the reality show Top Ink. Unfortunately, learning his biological family is the rich and powerful Abbotts, only ends up causing more betrayal, reinforcing Luke’s distrust of most people.

Jackson “Jax” Hall owes his life to his childhood friend Lucas Abbott and, more recently, to the love of Lucas’s life, Dr. Ash Carrington. He’s left behind the violent and shady dealings in his past and has vowed to have Luke’s back, no matter what. Unfortunately, someone from his past isn’t as willing to let things go, and Jax will have to risk everything to keep his vow.

Logan Dahl is used to fighting for everything she’s gotten in life. Working in the male-dominated field of tattooing, she’s worked her ass off to be taken seriously, and it’s paid off. She’s now a member of Vanished, successful both as a tattoo artist and a reality star. But she’s haunted by a tragic mystery in her past and she will let nothing and no one stop her from solving it.

Macy O’Neill is perfectly content with his life. He’s got family, friends, a brilliant career. And as many women as he wants. When tragedy strikes and his life is left unrecognizable, he’ll need his Vanished family more than ever to come through the challenges. $4.99 on Kindle.
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