What A Dream: Poetry by Ronnell Beaty

Looking for poetry that will bring you some happiness? Author and poet Ronnell Beaty offers a new collection of somewhat aspirational poems  in his second book, What A Dream: My Subconscious Poetry.


What A Dream: My Subconscious Poetry

If you need some encouragement, and some positive uplifting energy in your life, this collection of poetry will deliver the inspiration you need. Poet Ronnell Beaty takes readers on a journey through his own subconscious in a series of 10 free verse poems, including:

      1. Laughter Is Good Medicine
      2. This World
      3. Thee Unknown
      4. What A Dream
      5. Pages
      6. Atlantis
      7. I Will Try
      8. Thee Age Of Enlightenment
      9. I’m Going To Start Writing Again
      10. Love

These poems can help rekindle the joy and passion in life that we sometime forget about in trying times. With each poem, Beaty peers into a sort of happy existentialism and turns it over with words.

Below, you’ll find excerpts from the first and last poems in this collection. In “Laughter Is Good Medicine,” you’ll notice that it feels more like you’re talking to a friend than reading poetry. As the poem continues, you can enjoy the simple reminder to not take life too seriously.

In “Love,” Beaty touches upon another essential component of the human experience, musing on love and questioning whether it truly exists.

Excerpt from “Laughter Is Good Medicine”

Laughter Is Good Medicine
So I take it on a daily
I could laugh about anything
So some people call me crazy
Ha-ha Ha-ha

Laughter Is Good Medicine
So please serve me right
One dose of full laughter

Keeps me feeling alright
It keeps me calm
It keeps me steady
It keeps me ready

Excerpt from “Love”

Does love even exist
Is love just really a gift
Does love really come to you
Like a dove who stops flapping and just sits
What does love really mean?
Where is love at yawl
My love
My only dream
My only all
But it keeps blowing in the wind
And tell me who can feel the breeze?

About Ronnell Beaty

Ronnell Beaty has published one other book of poetry, entitled It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be. If you would like to be the first to know about Beaty’s latest poems and upcoming works, click here for a full list of his social media pages so you’ll never miss an update.