Adventurous Historical Fiction from Bruce Mitchell

If you’re looking for adventure back in old times you can’t go wrong with historical fiction novels, which balance an accurate depiction of the past with compelling characters. Author Bruce Mitchell has mastered this genre, writing three unique novels that are sure to interest fans of historical fiction.

Wide Sky People

This is the debut novel of Bruce Mitchell’s Thornton series, which introduces us to the Thornton family. It’s the early 1840s, and Mick and Cate Thornton decide to relocate their family from Ireland to Australia. The couple and their two sons managed to survive four harrowing months sailing across the ocean, but their journey is just beginning.

Once the young family reaches the land of Australia, their struggles only seem to increase. But amidst terrifying bushfires and a corrupt police force, the Thornton’s defeat the odds and join the excitement of the gold rush.

The vivid characters, witty Australian humor, and historical accuracy will have you hanging on every last word of this story.

Breaking Lucky

This is the second installment of the Thornton series. In this book, we’re introduced to Danny and Cath, two young adults in early 1900s Australia. Danny is plagued with memories from war, traumatized from the horrific crimes he witnessed and his own life-changing injury. Meanwhile, Cath defeated all odds and expectations when she became one of the first female doctors in Sydney.

The two characters’ stories weave together to create a compelling, complex tale of Australia’s history. Although the characters and their exact experiences are fictitious, they were inspired by legitimate historical events and real people who had similar lives long ago.

If you find the Thornton series fascinating, stay on the lookout for Bruce Mitchell’s third book, Wild Fennel, which will be released in 2022!

Dare the Dark

Murder mystery fans and historical fiction enthusiasts will both be enraptured by this stand-alone crime thriller, which takes place in Australia in 1879.

It’s January of 1879, and a mutilated body was just found on a residential street in Sydney, Australia. The corpse’s eyes had been completely removed, and a mysterious note left near the crime scene threatens more violence. Two police detectives, Kennedy and Walsh, are assigned to track down this crazed killer, who had been nicknamed “Doctor Hacksaw” by the Australian press.

However, the residents of Sydney have more to worry about than a rogue murderer. When a women’s suffrage march erupts into altercations, Kennedy’s wife takes it upon herself to defend three accused women in court. Walsh discovers that his own partner has knowledge of local gangs that could put their lives in grave danger.

This tense, heart-pounding thriller will leave you breathlessly trying to guess what will happen next. Will the detectives be able to put an end to the madness? Or will they be overtaken by the city’s darkness?