Begging to Be Loved: Shannon Renee’s Story

Everyone can relate to the feeling of clamoring for other people’s attention and affection. From a young age, people strive to make friends, gain the approval of others, and impress those they admire the most. Author Shannon Renee perfectly illustrates the struggle that young girls experience as they grow up in her brand-new memoir, Little Pink Roses, which includes poignant details from Renee’s own life.

Cycle of Life

This autobiography begins when author Shannon Renee is just starting out in the “Cycle of Life.” She was a plucky young girl who was desperate to find acceptance and love after experiencing loss and abandonment in early childhood. As Renee grew older, she slowly figured out her place in the world through several exciting events, humorous mistakes, and brave decisions. Readers will find themselves laughing and crying at different points throughout the memoir as Renee oscillates between hilarity and bittersweet nostalgia as she describes the story of her life (so far).

From meeting celebrities to accidentally starting a field fire to challenging her own beliefs about herself, Renee’s story is full of fascinating experiences that will entertain readers from all walks of life. Every chapter, a new portion of Renee’s history is expertly revealed with witty humor and authenticity, making it nearly impossible to stop reading about her compelling past. Thanks to decades of professional writing experience and extensive research in several fields of study, Renee’s memoir weaves an unforgettable story that will both entertain and inspire.

About the Author

Shannon Renee has been an avid reader and writer throughout her life, as well as a curious student who isn’t afraid of new challenges. Renee is an accomplished author, freelance writer, consultant, instructional designer, IT specialist, and a mother. Furthermore, Renee’s extensive educational background includes Criminal Justice, Psychology, Instructional Design, and Administration in Human Services. Her broad range of occupations and passions have provided her with unique perspectives on the human experience, which she wisely and happily shares with her readers.


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