The Reality Pact

Rachel Rue is a serious news reporter stuck in a stint as a producer on the reality show Beautiful Lives during a lay-off. No part of the deal involves falling in love with Wyatt Reynolds, the world’s biggest baseball star and plus-one of the craziest woman on the cast, Fiona Valentini. The simple life she craves becomes an obstacle course with Rachel dodging the slings and stilettos of Fiona and the rest of the cast. Can she untangle the ties that bind Fiona to the beautiful man she secretly... [Read More...]

Forgiveness: Nomad Biker Romance

A man with a long iceberg of guilt. A woman with a one-track mind on her career. Flux has locked up his heart and thrown away the key until a pretty and sassy barrel racer turns his world upside down. Flux is the one distraction Maggie can’t afford, but she’s drawn to him like steel on a magnet. Will Flux accept her love, or will his inner demons devour her? ... [Read More...]

Billionaire’s Bet

For Gary Walters, leaving his small town—and abusive home life—for the big city seemed like a sure bet. And for a little while, making billions was even worth the cost of leaving his sweetheart behind. Now, ten years later, even Gary’s friends can see his money has bought him an empty life—and bed. To prove them wrong, Gary gambles that he can get the mysteriously familiar beauty across the bar to go home with him that night. He’s only half sure the small-town woman he loved will take... [Read More...]

A Boss’s Proposal

No one expects happily ever after to begin with a fake proposal. Least of all Zeke. Billionaire Zeke would do anything for his beloved grandmother, including faking a romance just to make the holidays perfect for her. Not that he’s interested in romance. He has no time for that. He’s too busy with his investments company and besides, his heart is incapable of love – his first love left him a broken man. Isla Gordon has a short term plan. Work for the summer while healing a broken heart. H... [Read More...]

Accidentally Married: An Accidental Marriage Romance

“The ring signified a wedding; I didn’t even know I had.” Marriage was on my mind, and it was only one night away. One final bash, before I was no longer free. The night was made better by a beautiful woman that took an interest in me. Anna. We drank and danced, had a great night. I thought that was it. Then I woke up in her bed. The morning of my wedding and there was now something on my finger. A ring. A wedding ring and Anna next to me. What the hell happened? Maybe a mistake was good.... [Read More...]