Getting Old and Finding Love

If you’re searching for a contemporary tale told from a fresh perspective, author Curtis Maynard recently published a novel that’s bound to intrigue both athletes and those of retirement age who struggle with the idea of falling in love again. Readers will be compelled to reflect on their own lives as they read about the achievements, personal struggles, losses, love interests of the aging athlete depicted in this book.

In Love and Water

Maynard’s novel, In Love and Water, begins by introducing the reader to 68-year-old Ken, a man who’s beginning to look back at the life he has lived. From a very young age, Ken gained attention due to his innate talent of swimming, and he quickly became passionate about the sport. Throughout his childhood, teenage years, and adult life, Ken always loved swimming and competing. It was his true passion, but difficult circumstances forced him to quit swimming for good.

After giving up his beloved hobby, he couldn’t rekindle the same passion for his life or his personal relationships. And as Ken grew older, he became sad, lonely and lacking purpose. But then a love interest appears. Yet Ken is hesitant to dive head foremost into the deep end of love again, for reasons we will learn.

Will Ken be able to conquer his past demons to enjoy life and love once again, or will his past continue to haunt him throughout old age?

About Curtis Maynard

Author Curtis Maynard is a novelist, film script writer, director, and movie producer from southern Georgia. His other books include The Rose Diary and The Final Chapters of The Rose Diary, which are suspenseful mystery novels geared towards young adults (but are certainly entertaining for older adults, too!).

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