Finding Providence: Complete Series

Prequel – It’s Complicated Sparks fly when two focused and hard-working advertising executives are forced to work together on the biggest project of their careers. Will they jeopardize the project by falling in love? Book 1 – Rescued A single mother finds herself at the mercy of strangers when her car leaves her stranded. The broody mechanic who comes to her rescue has problems of his own. Ones she can help with, if it doesn’t cost her life first. Book 2 – Refuge Falling in... [Read More...]

Free: Before She Was Mine

Summer was mine once. Leaving her behind to go to war was unforgivable. I survived… barely. Though my body is broken. I never expected to see her at the veteran’s support office. There are a million reasons I don’t deserve her. Worse than she can imagine. My love is dangerous. And my secrets are deadly. ... [Read More...]

Hunting The Vampire Prince: Enemies To Lovers Romance

It’s my job to kill the vampire prince. But he saves me instead. My parents’ jewelry store has gone bankrupt. Now we have to pay an enormous debt, or our whole family will be killed. My friend shows me how to be a bounty hunter – an easy way for someone like me who’s skilled at fighting to earn money. When I take on the bounty on the fourth vampire prince of Romania I’m led to believe he’s an evil man who murdered his brother and is plotting against the king. But what if he’s actu... [Read More...]

Somatic Therapy for Trauma & Sound Healing for Beginners (2 books in 1)

Always wanted to know how to help your body, mind, & spirit with simple techniques but don’t know where to start? Have you suffered trauma in the past? Are you often bombarded with feelings of guilt, stress, or anxiety & exposed to noisy, polluted environments? Using somatic or sound healing techniques to your benefit doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s easier than you think… $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Three things can be said of warrior angel Gladriel: 1. She’s loyal to a fault 2. She’ll protect humans at any cost 3. She never blindly follows orders When she defends the honor of her BFF, it costs her everything. Exiled from Heaven with a target on her back, she finds herself in the company of Fallen, her sworn enemy, at Morningstar Academy where there are no expulsions, only instruction and supervised practice in making human lives a living hell until they break you. And her brow... [Read More...]