Love And The Undead

Max doesn’t believe in hope or true love. She’s divorced. She lost her daughter and mother in the zombie apocalypse. She’s losing her grandmother slowly to Alzheimer’s. She’s seen more dead and undead bodies than she ever thought possible. But fate doesn’t care. It brings her not ONE…not TWO…not even THREE…but FOUR hot men whose only desire is to win over her heart. And while the world is being ravaged by tragedy, she’d rather confront... [Read More...]

The Sister Taken

“A gripping psychological suspense thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.” From the Amazon #1 author for Crime and Psychological Thrillers, Michael Lindley’s latest dark and twisting tale of love, betrayal and murder set in the Low Country of South Carolina and the emotional and edge-of-your-seat relationship and travails of attorney, Hanna Walsh, and now former Charleston Police Detective, Alex Frank. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Taking Control: When Desire Meets Submission

Ava was bright, beautiful and sexy, a shy and nervous student when she met Lorenzo, on their first day at college. He was dark, confident and suave, a young man who knew exactly what he wanted from her, and with a devious plan on how to get it. Ava and Lorenzo were destined to experiment on each other’s bodies in ways only a true master and slave could really understand. Neither of them knew the sexual experiences they had with each other of bondage, humiliation, dominance and sexual torture ... [Read More...]

Free: Three Degrees and Gone

This novel considers that Global Warming and Coastal Flooding are very real concerns and considers a possible major impact on the earth within the lifetimes of children being born today. The book follows three families caught up in a United States overwhelmed with migration away from its coasts, the development of tent cities and the devastation of joblessness. In this environment, the three families flee through a border wall to become illegal immigrants in Canada. ... [Read More...]

Holdouts Rise

My name is Mark Hunter and this is how I survived the end of the world, the coming of magic, and the aftermath of a thousand worlds smashed together… This is dedicated to the women that made surviving worthwhile. Holdouts Rise is the first book in a new series of survival in a fantasy apocalyptic near-future filled with magic, danger and erotic romance. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Stroke of Midnight

Sadie doesn’t need a fairy godmother to survive her new stepbrother. She needs a miracle. At nineteen, Sadie Crenshaw’s life changed overnight. New school. New home. New stepmother. It’s no wonder she’s having trouble adjusting. But those changes aren’t what is causing her the most trouble. No, that would be her brand new stepbrother, Jason Kendrick. Jason is rude, annoying, and hateful—and those are his best qualities. She does her best to avoid him, figuring that’s the only way ... [Read More...]