The Kingmaker

“I am sixteen years old and I will die on the morning of my seventeenth birthday. As tradition dictates, I will be sacrificed and my life’s blood will determine which one of my two brothers will be King. My blood will kill one and crown one. My name is Everleigh and I am the Kingmaker.” Terrified of her fate but resigned to her death, Everleigh has less than a week to live. The legend of the Kingmaker goes back millions of years and Everleigh would never dare to question her deadly inheri... [Read More...]

Someday, Somehow

Men and women can be friends. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since George walked into my life. We bicker as much as we have each other’s backs. We’re inseparable. So, she left to find herself and I feel like I can’t breathe without her. It’s okay, it’s only temporary. But when she walks back into my life, it’s on the arm of a stranger. Her fiancé. Seriously, I just realized I’m in love with her and she’s engaged? I have six weeks to convince George we... [Read More...]

Soothsayer: Esoterics (Book 1)

Raised in a fundamentalist community and betrothed to the head of the church – Salome has done little more than hold hands. A chance meeting throws her into the world of the Nephilim where she meets a half-demon named Braith who is the opposite of everything she has been taught. He is beautiful, powerful and empowering. He sweeps Salome off her feet and shows her that the line between the “faithful good” and those perceived as decadent evil is sometimes blurred. $3.99 on Kindl... [Read More...]

Free: Does God Want You to Be Rich?: The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential God Has for You

Discover what the Bible has to say about wealth and prosperity. Daniel Green, a successful business owner and minister, makes a compelling case against incorrect Christian core beliefs regarding riches and money. Once you understand the truth about riches, you can be free to receive all of Heaven’s abundance God wants to lavish on you. Get this book today and start to unlock the full potential God has for you. ... [Read More...]

Free: Vagabond: A Tale of a Slave’s Survival in Ancient Rome (The Empress and the Vagabond Book 1)

Cursed as a child by the goddess Hera, Pliny Beleanius was condemned and sold into prostitution after his family’s demise. In his master’s brothel, Pliny was trained to endure pain and to seduce and satisfy any man. His cruel life experiences have honed his instincts on nothing but survival. Intelligent and with a ruthless streak, he is desperate to fight his way out of slavery. Sabina Borealis is the pampered daughter of the wealthy and influential senator Fidecius, patriarch of one of the... [Read More...]

Hot Billionaires: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Collection of Steamy Romance Stories. Fall in love with the Hot Bosses… Book 1: Billionaire Daddy: A Single Dad Romance We never spoke to each other even we were living in the same house and he was my f*cking boss. Helping him while he was drunk that night was a mistake. I fought it but I gave into the attraction. His physique was hungry for me. His body and tone of voice were addictive. I was hooked. One touch and I was his. Will he be able to understand unspoken words? Now will he forge... [Read More...]

Daddy’s THICK TABOO Collection (20 books from Horny House Series)

The Man of the House has built quite a stockpile of dirty short stories, all centering on one overriding theme: taking advantage of his Little Brats and Princesses! He wants them in every compromising position, from stuck hand first in the kitchen sink, to trapped as a Genie slave, to even ending in taboo matrimony! His desires just get filthier and filthier every time he imagines a new forbidden situation, and it’ll take nothing but absolute completion to sate his animal hunger! Check ou... [Read More...]

June 23rd, 2050 A Day’s Media

It is a future both bleak and bright. An unprecedented level of good health is available to all. We have never had less privacy. Humans have set foot on Mars. The Chinese invasion of Russia has left millions dead. The augmentation of our minds promises infinite opportunities. The environmental debts of previous generations threaten us all. Let us truly feel what it is like to live in this future by reading one day’s media. Newspaper stories, leaked emails, intercepted calls, blogs, social... [Read More...]